Lately many e-commerce firms have started switching to an iPad based point of sale system. Even though many retailers are now choosing the iPad point of sale system it does not necessarily mean that you should be choosing it as well. The following are some of the pros and cons of using an iPad based point of sale system.


  • Portable

This is considerably one of the best benefits of using an iPad based point of sale system. Firms are always trying out new ways to increase the engagement between their customers and their employees. With the help of an iPad based point of sale system, the servers at a restaurant can easily go to the customers and list down the order without having to memorize it or rely on your sketchy handwriting. On the other hand in retail setting, customer sales reps can move around anywhere in the store with the customers trying to help them find a product or finding out their purchase history.

  • User-friendly

The apple company is known for its user friendliness. The iPad touch screens are seen to be intuitive and visually pleasing to both the customers as well as the employees. Those employees who have already used apple products such as the iPhone before can easily learn to use an iPad based point of sale system. Using the product previously below can help eliminate any sort of mistake that could have been made. Employees can learn to use the system quite fast as it works just like any other iPad app.


  • Durability

If your employees are moving around with the iPad based point of sale system it is most likely that the device will get damaged faster. Many people who have used an iPhone and dropped it previously in their lifetime knows that once the device falls from higher than 6 inches it can be damaged quite easily.

  • Risk of security breaches

Many people may think that there is no possibility of cloud breaches in a cloud based server, however it is quite possible that it can have security breaches. The iPad POS is mainly relying on the internet, which is why there are risks of security breaches. They have higher risks from those who are experts in stealing credit card information. You may think your data is encrypted but the hackers nowadays have gone a step further.