These days, a point of sales software is considered to be a necessity. Regardless of whether you are a small or a big business, a retail POS system will help you out. While it is true that an iPad POS system has benefits, one might wonder whether the tremendous initial cost of the inventory management system is worth bearing.

Whether the software is worth depends on how you answer the following questions.

How much do you lose due to theft?

One pitfall of manual inventory management is that it leads to instances of employee theft. It is hard to keep track of each and every transaction. Also, thefts are easy to cover up. Here, theft doesn’t necessarily mean the intentional taking of money from the cash register. Instead, if your employees give discounts that are not authorized or give freebies to their friends, that comes under theft too. The more you lose because of these thefts, the higher the worth of a Point of Sales software in Canada would be. After all, it allows you to automate all the point of sale terminal process and tally your inventory.

How much does labor cost if you do it manually?

If you don’t invest in a POS system, you will have to either hire more labor or make the same people do more hours. Remember, your labor cost is a huge chunk of the operational cost. The more this cost is, the better it is to use a POS system instead. This way you will need less manpower. Each sale will be inputted the moment a card is swiped on the credit card reader.

How much would it enhance customer service?

Nowadays, merely delivering a quality product or service does not guarantee customers. Instead, people look at the entire experience. The more time your customers spend on the point of sale terminal, the lower will their satisfaction be. Analyze how fast this process can be with a POS software. Is it helping you in retaining customers? If so, opt for a POS software and pair it up with the Best credit card reader for iPhone – Android. A mobile credit card reader also speeds up the process. But, make sure that the Wireless Chip & Swipe Card Reader is compatible with your POS software.


Deeply analyze the answers to these questions and device for yourself if the investment is worth it.