1. Loyverse POS

With the loyverse software firms can deal with their sales through a smart phone or a tablet. They can use it to engage with their customers and deal with their inventory systems through it as well. It can help you increase your customer base and connect with them at a higher level. The loyverse software also helps managing the loyalty program and making fast sales through their tablet or smart phone. The software can also send messages to their customers and receive feedback through it.

  1. Quickbook POS

The iPad POS works along with Quickbooks to help strengthen your customer relationship. Quickbook POS is better for firms that are bigger in size and not much of a benefit for smaller businesses. The software has many features that do not necessarily have to be used but you will still end up paying for it. One of the greatest advantages of using Quickbooks is that it is user-friendly and not complicated to use.

  1. NCR Counterpoint POS

The NCR counterpoint is an overall beneficial point of sale software that manages your inventory, manages your customers and a lot more. There are many other advantages of using NCR counterpoint software such as being easy to upgrade, it is reliable and has solutions for any error that may occur. However, one of the drawbacks is that their customer support system has a slow response time.

  1. Retail POS

Retail is another iPad point of sale software that is greatly used by firms. It is known for its unlimited terminals, and promotions that are already programmed from before. The customer support team is very well responsive; however you might not use it much as you will very seldom have to face any problem. It is an easy to use software system, thus you will be able to work with it faster. The only drawback you might face is that the system may lag a bit, but other than that there isn’t much of an issue.

  1. Openbravo Commerce Suite

Openbravo commerce suite is multichannel software that helps retailers deal with their business by transforming their physical store into one that creates a great shopping experience to their customers. It can be used through a smart phone and has a cloud system that stores all the information that you need. It is one of the best software’s to use as your inventory system and you will not need any sort of training to learn how to use it.


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